How to: Add Websites using Domain Names

Adding Websites using Domain Names

You can host additional web sites in your hosting plan by adding new domains that you have registered. There are 2 steps to follow.

1) This tutorial explains how to add new domain names to your web hosting control panel.

2) Once added, you need to ensure that you have changed the domain name servers to point to your web hosting account. The correct name servers for your account are contained in your Hosting Welcome Email. See How to Change Domain Name Servers.

How to: Manage FTP Accounts

Add, Edit and Remove FTP Accounts

This tutorial explains how to set up FTP access to your hosting subscription: you will learn how to add, edit and remove FTP accounts.

How to: Update your Contact Information

Updating your Contact Information

It is important to keep your Plesk panel contact information up to date. This tutorial explains how to change your contact e-mail, telephone, address and company details.