How to Transfer non .UK domains to UKC

transfer-iconTransferring Non .UK domains to UKC

The process for non .UK domain names such as .com, .net and .guru is very easy as long as you carefully follow the transfer-in process.

Follow the steps below for a trouble-free transfer

In our example, we will use but of course, replace this with your actual domain name.

  1. At your current registrar: Ask your registrar to “unlock” your domain name so that you may transfer it away. Sometimes you can do this through your registrar control panel, or you may need to ask them to do this for you.
  2. At your current registrar: Check that your domain admin email address is current and that you can receive emails to this address. If it is not, update the email address to your current email address. The public WHOIS will show this as the ADMIN-C email address.
  3. Go to “Start the Transfer” and enter and then hit the “Transfer” button. Your domain transfer will be added to the cart and you will be taken to the checkout.
  4. Complete the checkout process. This adds your domain to your Client Area > Domain > My Domains panel. The registry charge a 1 year renewal fee however we return this to you by extending your domain name by 1 year. This is going to be cheaper than renewing for 1 year with your current registrar.

Monitoring the progress of your domain transfer

Non-UK domain name transfers follow a particular process and can take up to 7 business days to complete.

You can monitor the progress of your transfer in Client Area > Domains > My Domains > > Manage Domain > Information

  1. PendingOwnerApproval: At this stage, an email is sent to the domain admin (ADMIN-C) email address. When you receive this email, you must approve the transfer (usually you just click a link). Then we move to stage 2.
  2. PendingRegistryApproval: Here, the registry are aware of your transfer authorisation and require a few business days to approve the transfer. After this stage the transfer of your domain name is complete.
  3. TransferTimedOut: If you see this then your transfer has stopped. This is usually because stage 1 was not completed and you did not respond to the authorisation email. Contact us to restart the process. There is no additional charge.

Here is an example of your Transfer-In Status:


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