How to: Stop Domain Renewal Invoices being created

DomainNameRegistrationPrevent Automated Renewal Invoices for Domains No Longer Required

Domain names by their very nature are usually active for very long periods of time, at least one year and up to 10 years, depending on your domain registration requirements at the time.

From time to time, you may find that you no longer wish to use a domain name, even though it has not expired. In this instance, you want to not be bothered by renewal invoices for this domain name.

To prevent renewal invoices being automatically created for unwanted domain names you need to disable the domain “Renew Notify Status”.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Client Area and go to Domains > My Domains
  2. Click Manage on the desired domain name
  3. Click Renew Notify tab and review the status
  4. Click Disable Renew Notify button
  5. If desired, you can re-enable at any time

Once Renew Notify is disabled, you will no longer receive automatically generated invoices for this domain name. You will receive renewal notifications, this is in accordance with ICANN/Nominet rules, but you can simply ignore them as you will not be billed.

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