How do I access mySql databases from a remote client?

It is possible to configure a database user in your Plesk control panel so that you may access your mySQL databases remotely – ie. directly from your home or office PC network.

By default, all remote access to mySQL is blocked by the firewall, this prevents your databases being hacked externally. Remote access can only be granted to a static IP address. If you have a dynamic IP address you need to contact your internet provider and request a static IP address, some providers charge for this service.

To enable remote access to a mySQL database

  1. Create a database (if not done so already)
  2. Create a database user that will be used for remote access
  3. Advise the Helpdesk of your Static IP address
  4. Allow 24 hours for the firewall to be updated
  5. Once enabled you will be able to connect using port 3306

That’s all there is to it! If you have any problems simply contact the Helpdesk for further assistance,

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