Invoicing and Billing Nightmare – Lessons Learned!

Dear Customer,

Re: Black Monday 25th Feb 2013

We are very sorry with regards to the invoicing issue we have experienced today.

We have today launched a new Billing System which straight off sent out several thousand invoices for domains that are no longer required by their owners!

Our traditional domain renewal method is to assume the domain is no longer required 28 days after expiry. The new system today sent out invoices going back up to 90 days after expiry of UK domains as in fact these domains are still renewable up to this time.

We have already cancelled all invoices ranging from 499903 to 500127 and so no further reminders will be sent for these domains.

We are very sorry for this mishap today and hope it did not cause too much distress.

Kind Regards,

Billing Team @ UK Cheapest

PS. We promise it will be worth it once we’ve ironed out the issues!

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