Multi year domain registration and renewal periods

Finally it is now possible to register .UK domain names for periods other than 2 years.

Since it’s inception, Nominet (the UK domain registry) have only facilitated 2 year domain name registrations and domain name renewals. It was not possible to register or renew for any other period. Unlike pretty much all other domain extensions which have since the year dot had registration and renewal options starting from 1  to 10 years.

We now support .UK domain name registration periods from 1 year to 10 years. Renewal periods of the same value are now also offered at time of renewal. You can see the official Nominet news release under Nominet to roll out multi-year reigstration periods for UK domains.

To get the best value from your domain name registration or renewal, go for 10 years (or as long as you can afford) as the price is stepped down and discounted for longer term registrations and renewals. Prices drop to as low as £2.99 per year if you register or renew for the longer periods, these terms are set and forget, no need to remember to renew.

Automatically scheduled 10 year renewal orders

Domains can be renewed up to 180 days before the expiry date. However this poses another problem which Nominet are aware of. That is, let say you have 100 days left on your domain name and you want to renew, you choose the 10 year renewal. Sounds ok? Well this will be a big fail. This is because a .UK domain name cannot have more than 10 years remaining. So in this case, if the renewal worked, you would have 10 years and 100 days remaining. No possible, so we automatically schedule your renewal order to execute on the expiry date – this resolves the (annoying) problem of timing your renewal perfectly.

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