What are .BR (ccTLD for Brazil) domain registration requirements?

Registration Requirements for .BR ccTLD Domain Names

If you’re interested in registering a .BR (Brazil) country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for your website, it’s important to understand the registration requirements. .BR domains are subject to specific guidelines and eligibility criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Eligibility Based on Domain Categories:

  • The eligibility for .BR domain registration is determined by specific domain categories, each with its own set of criteria. The primary domain categories include:
    • .com.br: For commercial entities and registered businesses operating in Brazil.
    • .net.br: For network infrastructure providers and entities involved in internet-related services.
    • .org.br: For Brazilian non-profit organizations and associations.
    • .ind.br: For individuals who are Brazilian citizens or residents.
    • .gov.br: Reserved for Brazilian government entities.
    • .mil.br: Reserved for the Brazilian military.
    • .edu.br: Reserved for Brazilian educational institutions.

2. Local Presence Requirement:

  • To register a .BR domain, you are typically required to have a legal entity or a physical presence in Brazil. This local presence requirement ensures that .BR domains are primarily intended for entities with a genuine connection to Brazil.

3. Documentation and Verification:

  • Depending on the chosen domain category, registrants may be required to provide specific documentation or evidence to verify their eligibility. For example, businesses may need to provide their Brazilian Company Number (CNPJ).

4. Domain Naming Rules:

  • .BR domain names must adhere to specific naming rules and guidelines. Names should be between 2 and 26 characters long and can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. The name should accurately represent the entity or individual registering the domain.

5. Use of Proxy Services:

  • The use of proxy services to shield registrant contact information is generally not allowed for .BR domains. Registrant information is typically publicly visible in the WHOIS database.

6. Accredited Registrars:

  • To register a .BR domain, you can work with accredited domain registrars authorized by the Brazilian Network Information Center (NIC.br). These registrars can assist you with the registration process, provide guidance on eligibility, and help you choose an available domain name.

7. Renewal Requirements:

  • It’s essential to renew your .BR domain on time to maintain ownership. Renewal periods may vary depending on the registrar and domain category.

Please note that domain registration requirements and policies may change over time. Staying informed about the latest regulations and guidelines set by NIC.br is essential. Consulting with an accredited .BR domain registrar can help you navigate the registration process and ensure compliance with all requirements.

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