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Transferring your domains to UK CheapestAbout Us

Use our FREE services on all your domains


Transfer your domain names to and get all the advantages of our Domain Name Control panel including Free nameserver changes, email/web forwarding and Homepage builder.


Transferring to UK-Cheapest is FREE


There is no transfer fee for .UK domain names however there is a 1 year renewal fee for all other domains (.com, .net, .org etc) of 8.97. This transfer cost extends your domain name registration by 1 year.


Transferring to is EASY


First you need to verify with your existing domain name provider that they are happy to release your domain name. Then follow the guide below depending on your domain name service provider. If you have any problems with the transfer do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team or our Online Support Helpdesk.


Step 1 - Domain Transfer Instructions


Transferring a .UK domain name is easy, simply contact your domain name provider and ask them to "Change the IPSTAG on your domain name to MICROLITE" then complete Step 2 below. For more instructions see:



Step 2 - Submit Transfer-In Order to UKC


Submit this order so that we can add the domain name to your Domain Control Panel, remember, .UK domain names are FREE to transfer. Enter your domain name carefully below and submit your transfer request:


If you have any problems or questions about your domain transfer please contact the Helpdesk.