Why do DNS and nameserver changes take so long?

So you’re wondering why you may have to wait up to 72 hours for your name server and DNS record changes to take effect…

The reason is that the nameserver changes that you make are propagated (propagate simply means update in domain name speak) to the DNS servers all over the world, the news of your name server change takes time to reach every global DNS server – hence the delay. (See DNS Propagation)

Not all domains propagate at the same rate, you will find…

  • .uk domains require up to 24 hours
  • .com, .org, .biz, .info require 24 to 72 hours
The DNS and nameserver propagation times are entirely external to all hosts, this is simply the nature of the internet. It takes time for servers and routers to register the new information. So please be patient!
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How do I change my nameservers?

Changing domain nameservers is a common task and something you will need to do at some point during the life of your domain name. For this reason, we have made it as easy as possible!

Reasons why you may need to change your domain nameservers:

  • Your domain was parked and you want to host it
  • Your domain was hosted but now you want it parked
  • Your domain was transferred in from another provider and you want to use our parking services

First, you need to have your Domain Control Panel login details, this is absolutely necessary in order to navigate to the Nameserver Change function.

If you do not have your Domain Control Panel login details, to to the Forgotten Password page and request a copy of your details and a copy will be sent to the email address used when you registered your domain name. If this email address is out of date or no longer used, you will have to log a ticket with the Helpdesk.

Right, for those of you who have your Domain Control Panel login details, the rest of the process is simple.

  • Login to the Domain Control Panel (DCP)
  • Click ‘Change Nameservers’
  • Enter your new nameservers
  • Press submit to action your request

Your nameservers will be changed immediately however due to DNS propagation times it will take up to 72 hours to fully take effect.

I updated my nameservers but my domain is not working?

When you update your domain nameservers it will take up to 72 hours for these nameservers to be recognised across the global internet.
If your domain name still does not work after this time, then you should check that your web host has given you the correct nameservers for your domain name, and that they have set up your domain on their servers.
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I have created a Subdomain but it is not working?

When a Subdomain is created the DNS that will make the subdomain work need to be recognised globally. This is called DNS propagation.

Please allow upto 72 hours for this to take place.

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