What is a CNAME record?

“CNAME” records, short for “Canonical Name”, create an alias from a domain name to another. You could create an alias from “yahoo.mydomain.com” to “www.yahoo.com”, and every reference to “yahoo.mydomain.com” would go to the other location, regardless how yahoo changed their IP addresses!

Be careful, however; CNAMEs won’t work everywhere. If you create an MX record, and the name used for the mail server was defined using a CNAME, you might lose e-mail.

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What is an AAAA Record?

Whereas an “A” record is used for IPv4 addresses, an “AAAA” record ties a domain name to an IPv6 address in the same manner.

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What is an A record?

An “A” record, also called an “address” record, ties a domain name to an IP address. If there is a server on the Internet that is configured to handle traffic for this domain, you can enter the name of the domain (like “www.uk-cheapest.co.uk”) and the IP address of the server (like “”), and almost immediately, anyone surfing to that domain connects to the correct server.

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Changing your DNS A, MX and CNAME records

When you register domain names with UK-Cheapest.co.uk, we give you full control over the management of your domain DNS records.

With our advanced web based DNS Manager, you can configure your domain names to function with any hosting provider or server of your choice.

We provide the DNS Manager web interface at no additional cost with every domain name. There are no future or annual costs for this service whatsoever. Period.

Modify your domain DNS records to associate your domain with your blog or externally hosted website. Your host will provide you with comprehensive details showing how to set your domain DNS to connect to their servers.

DNS Manager Interface - in action!Which DNS records can be changed?

You can freely add or delete all A, MX, TXT (SPF) and CNAME records for your domain. The records are added in realtime, there is no delay to your record changes being submitted to the server.

All DNS changes are subject to a propagation delay – this is the time it takes for the new records to be recognised by the global internet name servers.

What is the cost for this DNS service?

The DNS Manager feature is provided at no additional cost with all domain names. This is a totally all inclusive DNS service. Unlimited changes, unlimited records, absolutely no costs.

For more assistance visit the Domain Help Sheet. If you have problems setting up your domain DNS records simply review our Online Help Centre resources or contact ourHelpdesk.

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How do I park my domain name?

To make use of the domain parking features your domain name needs to have the nameservers set to point to the parking server.

The domain nameservers or the parking server are:

  • ns.microlite1.com
  • ns2.microlite1.com

Once parked, your domain can be used with all parking services such as:

  • unlimited email forwarding
  • web forwarding using 301 and 302 redirects
  • framed web forwarding
  • homepage builder

See: How to change your domain nameservers for further instructions.