Domain Registration: Do I need a Hosting Service?

Choosing the correct Hosting service

DomainNameRegistrationWhen you order a domain name you may also select a hosting service, this is entirely optional and may not even be required. Below, we will explain the three options you have.

  • No Hosting – Without hosting, your domain name will be parked. You will have access to all of our free domain parking features such as DNS Manager, Email forwarding, Web forwarding etc.
  • Email Hosting – This provides a professionally hosted email service. Choose this option if you require email for your domain name but do not plan to host a web site (yet) – or you plan to host your website elsewhere such as as Wix or Weebly. With this service you can connect your domain to any external service and use our Profession Email Hosting to run/manage your email services.
  • Web Hosting – This provides a full Web Hosting service for your domain name. You can host a web site, use website builder, manage email and every other service you might need for your domain. This is the best option if you decide to build your own website, upload an existing website or hire a web designer.

What if I make a mistake?

You can’t make a mistake! If you choose the wrong plan, we can cancel, refund or upgrade to get you on the the right plan at any time later. So don’t worry. If in doubt, choose the smallest plan and upgrade later when (and if) required.

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