How can I use Homepage builder with a hosted domain?

The parked domain name homepage builder service is a fairly basic web site builder that enables you to build up to 3 web pages using one of the 8 preset style templates provided.

The Homepage builder whilst easy to use, can be useful if you need to get a simple site up fast. Usually our hosting clients prefer to build their own websites using Dreamweaver or Webplus thus negating the need to use the domain Homepage builder.

If you primarily purchased hosting so that you could use the email facilities (webmail, SMTP, POP, IMAP etc) but would prefer to use the domain Homepage Builder for your website, simply follow the instructions below – or ask the Helpdesk to make the following single DNS change on your behalf:

  • Log in to your Web Hosting Account using your ClientXXXXX username
  • Click on “DNS Settings” icon
  • Select the “A” record that looks like “ A“. The IP address will differ according to your server. This is usually the third DNS record in the list – but not always!
  • Where it says “Enter IP Address”, overwrite the existing IP with the Homepage builder IP address.
  • Type “” (the Homepage builder IP address) and click “Ok”.
  • Hit “Update” to save your DNS changes. Hit “Revert” to cancel your changes.
  • Allow up to 24 hours for the new DNS to propagate.

If you ever wish to disconnect your hosting account from the Homepage builder and reconnect it to your FTP webspace, simply change the IP address back to that as listed with your regular hosted DNS records.

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