How can I upgrade from Ensim to Plesk?

We are now using the award winning Plesk Control Panel for all new hosting accounts, although there are still many clients that prefer the Ensim interface – there are many reasons why you should upgrade.

Plesk has many advantages over Ensim including many additional features, PHP 5.x, mySql 5.x, AtMail Webmail, better SPAM protection, single click installation of popular web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Additionally, our Plesk servers provide a fully PCI Compliant Web Hosting solution – all at no additional cost. That’s right, the upgrade from Ensim to Plesk is absolutely FREE!

Advantages of moving to Plesk

  • PHP 5.x and mySql 5.x
  • Multi-domain hosting support
  • Single click installation of latest web apps (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento)
  • Better SPAM protection
  • Higher performance and security
  • Super looking, easy to use control panel
  • No extra cost to get these geat features!

Things to consider

If you are using Ensim, and would like to move to Plesk then we have some good news – we can do this for you at no cost! You will receive all the benefits of our new Plesk servers however there are some issues to consider:

  • Ensim and Plesk backups are not interchangeble.
  • We cannot move your web site, emails or anything else from the old account.
  • You will be responsible for re-uploading your web site and data.
  • Your Plesk Hosting account will be setup just like a brand new account.

How to proceed

  • Make sure you have a backup copy of your website and emails
  • Remember – your Ensim account will be completely deleted
  • Your Plesk account will be set up as a brand new account
  • Ready to proceed?
  • Contact the Helpdesk and request a ‘FREE sameday upgrade to Plesk’
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