UKC02 – Service Outage 16/12/2019

UKC02 – Service Outage Updates

Latest update 20:30 20th December

The Plesk Objects have been imported successfully, we are now running a number of tests on the Plesk services.

We will be bringing sites back online over the next 48 hours, this is a temporary solution, we will upgrade all accounts to Plesk Onyx after the festive period.

Plesk Onyx offers some of the latest features available with Plesk, such as PHP 7.3, LetsEncrypt, DNSSEC and webmail SSL support.

All domains using the following nameservers will automatically resolve at the new IP address once DNS propagation has completed:

If you are using a third party DNS provider and are pointing A records at UKC02, please update all instances of the old IP address to the new IP address inside your DNS control panel.

Thank you very much for your patience throughout this difficult time.

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