How to get listed in Google

It is quite amazing how often this question comes up.. So, to address a very very common question here is the simple answer…

Get some backlinks! Even one link is enough for Google to find your site and begin indexing, don’t hold your breath though, Google will take weeks to index and list your site.

You can get some very easy backlinks for free by doing some Directory Submissions, allow 5 minutes of your time for each submission. Remember, you only need to do this once so grab a coffee and get started.

Here’s a handy tip, want to give Google a nudge?

Submit your site directly to Google here:

For Google UK:


Check to see if your site is indexed by Google by doing a search as such:

Obviously replace “” with your domain name! If the result says “Your search did not match any documents” then your site is not yet indexed. When your site is indexed, you will see which pages – and how they look in Google search results.

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1 thought on “How to get listed in Google”

  1. Once your site is indexed by Google you can check few more things using search operators.
    In Google using operator: – you will see all your indexed pages – well, you will see some of the backlinks…not all
    if you want to see all your backlinks you have to go in Yahoo and use

    back to Google search operators – Google’s cached version of a web page

    Google has few more useful search operators. You can see them all at:

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