I’ve uploaded my website but I just get a Forbidden error message

The forbidden error message is usually given when there is no index.html or index.htm file present in a directory.

Make sure that you upload your index file correctly. As soon as you upload your index.htm or index.html file the Forbidden error message will no longer show.

Make sure that your index.html or index.htm file is in lowecase, a file named “Index.htm” (uppercase ‘i’) is not the same as “index.htm” (lowercase ‘i’) and will still result in the “Forbidden” error message. Filenames are case sensitive.

If you do have an index file in place then the problem may be related to the mod_security rules on your server. A 403 Frobidder error can usually be resolved by removing mod_security. Contact the Helpdesk to disable this service.