How can I tell if PHP SOAP is installed?

Re: Is PHP SOAP installed? Which version of PHP SOAP do I have?

For dedicated servers, you can tell if PHP SOAP is installed by the running the following command on the console:

# php -i phpinfo | grep soap

The following outpout will confirm you have PHP SOAP installed:

soap.wsdl_cache => 1 => 1
soap.wsdl_cache_dir => /tmp => /tmp
soap.wsdl_cache_enabled => 1 => 1
soap.wsdl_cache_limit => 5 => 5
soap.wsdl_cache_ttl => 86400 => 86400

If you have a shared hosting account and need PHP SOAP, simply contact the Helpdesk to arrange a transfer of your account to a suitable server.

Plesk 9 – Enable PHP Pear for a domain

Re: How to enable PHP Pear for a domain in Plesk

1) edit vhost.conf as such:

<Directory /var/www/vhosts/>
        php_admin_value include_path "/var/www/vhosts/"
        php_admin_value open_basedir "none"

2) /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng – -reconfigure-vhost –

3) service httpd restart

To test pear, create a php file, eg check_pear.php

require_once 'System.php';
var_dump(class_exists('System', false));

4) open check_pear.php in a browser, a ‘true’ result confirms pear is working:


That’s all there is to getting PEAR working on Plesk 9 Linux.