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About Us

Back in 2000, an era ago on the internet, an idea was born


The idea came about when a group of web designers couldn't find a reliable hosting company to place their newly designed websites. The reliability and expense of hosting at that time was poor. The founder of UK Cheapest decided to use his experience of server management and support and set up the first dedicated server so that they could host their own sites. At last, a self managed, secure and high performing hosting service was at the fingertips of the design team.


Domain registration and Web hosting services become the focus


By 2002 it was clear that the web design business had to take second stage as the demand for low cost domain registrations and reliable hosting were too great. UK Cheapest was officially launched and domain registrations and web hosting service were first offered directly to clients.


Our philosophy is simple, clear and true


We believe that domain registration and hosting services should not be dominated by expensive and technically scary providers, clients should not be frightened in to paying excessively for services that are no longer expensive to provide. We dedicate our efforts to ensuring that all of the highest standards of security and performance are provided at affordable, reasonable costs.


Where do we go from here?


Since those early days, we have amassed hundreds of thousands of clients and manage their domain names and hosting services faultlessly, we endeavour to make available the latest technologies to all our clients and to allow our clients to do what they themselves do best, that is to run their own businesses.