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How good is your onpage optimisation?

We all know how valuable a high ranking is on the search engines but achieving it is another matter. Half the battle is ensuring that your onpage optimisation is better than your competition.

Use our FREE Page Analyser to test anlyse the page of your site (use it for your competitors too!). Analyse now, you may be in for a surprise...

Stage 1) Onpage Optimisation

So how did your site do? You now have a list of the most obvious errors as reported by the Analyser. Getting your meta tags right can make a surprising difference to your ranking, especially if they are very wrong!

You will also find keyword density percentages for your keywords as discovered in your website. While you are balancing them out, take the time to word your content clearly and attractively for your readers. The search engines absolutely love original content, and your visitors will be more likely to bookmark your site and return.

Stage 2) Offpage Optimisation

If only everything were as simple as fixing everything on your site to get that elusive page #1 ranking in Google. Unfortunately, this is where most webmasters either give up or are simply run out of ideas. Those looking for quick results are going to be very disappointed. It takes time and effort to get to the top. I know some of you did not want to hear that.

Watch this page for further SEO tools and articles to help you with:

  • Building and calculating your backlinks
  • Monitoring your website traffic and keywords
  • Optimising your website for lower bounce rates
  • Increasing your page views per visitor
  • Preserving your PageRank and link juice
  • And of course... much much more!

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