Plesk – (28) No space left on device – Apache won’t start

Re: Can’t start Apache, getting error (28) No space left on device

First, don’t panic, this problem is easily fixed. Take a deep breath and now get ready to clear up some semaphores:

1) First let’s kill all httpd process:

# killall -9 httpd

2) Now let’s delete the semaphores:

# ipcs -s | grep apache | perl -e 'while (<STDIN>) {@a=split(/\s+/); print `ipcrm sem $a[1]`}'

3) Now let’s start up Apache

# service httpd start

Problem solved, panic over. One for the toolbox!

Plesk 9 – Enable PHP Pear for a domain

Re: How to enable PHP Pear for a domain in Plesk

1) edit vhost.conf as such:

<Directory /var/www/vhosts/>
        php_admin_value include_path "/var/www/vhosts/"
        php_admin_value open_basedir "none"

2) /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng – -reconfigure-vhost –

3) service httpd restart

To test pear, create a php file, eg check_pear.php

require_once 'System.php';
var_dump(class_exists('System', false));

4) open check_pear.php in a browser, a ‘true’ result confirms pear is working:


That’s all there is to getting PEAR working on Plesk 9 Linux.

WordPress Error: Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/

Re: Wordpress Error: Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/

To resolve errors uploading to WordPress eg. new themes, please try the following steps:

  • In WordPress Settings/Media (or Settings/Miscellaneus depending on your version) change upload folder from “/wp-content/uploads” to “wp-content/uploads” – ie. remove the leading forward slash.
  • Set wp-content to 775
  • Set wp-content/uploads to 777

That should solve the problem.

Plesk Error: The domain is still suspended for the following reason: Domain is temporarily suspended for backing up or restoring.

If you get the error “The domain is still suspended for the following reason: Domain is temporarily suspended for backing up or restoring.” this means that the domain is locked and you will not be able to unsuspend the domain name from the Plesk 9.x control panel.

Some solution show you editing the plesk databases directly, but there is no need for such a risk.

The solution for Plesk 9.x for Linux is as follows:

  1. Open up a command shell with the server
  2. Type the following command to directly unsuspend the domain
  3. # /usr/local/psa/bin/domain –on

Now you should see “SUCCESS: Changing status of domain ‘’ complete.”

How to remove DR WEB from Plesk

One of the first things we do to a Plesk server is remove Dr Web and all of it’s components which is not as easy as it may first appear as there are a number of modules that need removing.

Here we will show you how to remove all parts of Dr Web from your Plesk server.

Open an SSH session with your server and do the following:

# yum remove drweb-base drweb-bases drweb-common drweb-daemon drweb-updater psa-drweb-configurator

You will now find no trace of Dr Web in your logs or in your system.