Customer Service Outage and Security Audit

Billing Portal Outage and Security Audit

Late on 10th January we were alerted of a potential security breach of the web server which hosts our primary site and helpdesk/billing portal. We are currently assessing the situation and undergoing a security audit to contain and resolve the situation.

As a precaution, we have temporarily disabled our Client Panel whilst we perform audits and upgrades. Note that we do not store financial information such as credit card details on our systems.

The situation is still developing. As an additional precaution, we have reset all client Plesk panel passwords. To gain access to your Plesk panel, please perform a forgotten password request. Weak passwords will no longer be allowed.

Ongoing Updates – Please Check Here for Updates

Check here for updates. Use our Live Support facility to speak to our technical staff for urgent support issues.

We are launching our New Billing and Helpdesk Portal today

16/01 13:00 – Our new Billing and Helpdesk Portal is now online! Please test your login, have a look around. Let us know about any outstanding issues. Or contact Live Support if you prefer as always. Thank you so much for your patience during this service outage. Please continue to be patient with our support staff who are working very hard to help with your problems.

16/01 06:00 – We are pleased to announce that the new Billing Portal installation, upgrade and migration is complete! Before we go live we are awaiting the full propagation of a DNS change. In the meantime we are testing every feature. We do not expect any further issues and our objective is to activate the new portal at approximately midday today. Our helpdesk will be back in just a few hours. Please continue using our Live Support for urgent issues. Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.

14/01 – We have restored nameservers on all affected domains, you should start to see your website and email services come back online within a few hours, please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the nameserver changes to fully propagate.

13/01 -Friday/Saturday – We continue to apply custom name servers to the impacted domains which were left unlocked by clients. We will continue this process through Saturday. Once again, please contact Live Support for urgent issues only.

12/01 16:00 – The new billing server hardware is in place and migrations will start overnight. We have replaced everything. We are projecting to have the client billing service back online within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

11/01 23:00 – Web Hosting and Email – We are currently working through all accounts and are bringing them online as we can. Most accounts are not affected. We suspect it may take a number of days to fully complete our audit of every account.

11/01 20:00 – Name servers have been applied to each unlocked domain according to the server it was on. If you were using custom nameservers (eg. your domain was not parked) please send the correct nameserver settings to

11/01 12:00 – Unlocked Domains – A number of domains that were not locked had their nameservers changed without permission. If your nameservers are not correct, please email the correct settings to Please include the domain names and the nameservers that you would like applied to each domain in your email. Please ensure that the email is sent from your account email address.

Your website and data are not affected. If your site is offline, please advise the Live Support advisor of your domain name and we will investigate further. Please note at this time, basic support will be limited. Only contact us if your site is down or urgent.

As a precaution, all WHMCS and Plesk Client passwords have been reset. Please do a forgotten password request to set your own password before contacting Live Support.

Once again, thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Kind Regards,

UKC Support Team

Which characters can I use in a domain name address?

Regardless of the extension, all domain names use the same character rules which must be followed when you search for yours:

You can use letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and dashes/hyphens (-). Spaces are not allowed, and your domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Your web address cannot include special characters like “&” or “!”. However, there are exceptions with IDNs where you are allowed to include special characters from other languages in your domain names.

A domain name cannot be less than three characters long, not including the extension, and names cannot be more than 63 characters so check yours is less than this.

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How to remove a Google Penalty

red_ordernow-300x98Has Google applied a penalty to your web site?

Have you noticed a sharp decrease in Google traffic?

Has your site been a victim of Negative SEO practices?

Google penalties can result in the drop of rankings for every page of a site, for a specific keyword, or for a specific page. Any drop in rankings brings with it a major drop in traffic.

If you have received an algorithmic or manual penalty from Google or you suspect a penalty has been applied to your site then this service is for you.

Are you the victim of Negative SEO?

An unscrupulous competitor or disgruntled customer or employee may take out a Negative SEO campaign against your web site which would bombard your site with incoming links from very low or negative reputation sites. If enough of these links are created it is possible Google will consider these “unnatural links” and therefore penalise your site.

Has Black Hat SEO been used on your site?

Whether intentional or unintentional, Black Hat SEO techniques that may have once worked before Panda/Penguin are now to be avoided. These problems will need to be removed and cleared up before your penalty is removed.

Have you noticed a drop in Google Organic traffic?

A sharp downturn in SERPS traffic can be an indicator of a penalty being applied to your site. If you do not have a Google Webmasters/Search account then you may be unaware of any penalty applied to your site. We will set up an account for you and link it to your site.

Don’t worry. The penalty is not permanent. We will fix it.

Regardless of the reasons the penalty has been applied, we will bring your site into compliance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Our services include:

  • Setup Google Search Console for affected site
  • Analyse your site for Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • Review and rate all backlinks (incoming links) to your site
  • Request removal of links from unwanted/poor quality sites
  • Create and submit a “disavow” document to Google
  • Submission of Google Reconsideration Request
  • Keyword research, competitor analysis and rank monitoring

This is not an automated process

There is no effective automated method for fixing up your site link profile and reputation. The only way this can be done is manually. It is a lot of work over a prolonged period of time – however the results will be worth it. During the process we will work with you to determine the best keywords for your web site, compare these to your competitors and then monitor your site rankings.

How long will it take?

Unfortunately there is no quick fix. Once all the fixes to meet Google Webmaster Guidelines have been applied it can take some weeks for Google to re-index all of your site. However, during this time, we will continue to monitor incoming links and revise the “disavow” document as required.

When the “reconsideration request” has been submitted, Google will need from 4 to 6 weeks to respond. Once their response is received, if it is negative, we will apply the advice Google have provided and once complete, will resubmit a further “reconsideration request”. We will repeat this cycle until the Google Penalty is removed.

It’s time to get your site back on track. Guaranteed.

Whether your site is already penalised or you would like a complete detox of your site to avoid future problems, our Site Detox and Penalty Removal is the perfect solution to restore and protect your organic web traffic.


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