How do I connect my domain name to Yola?

To connect your domain name directly to Yola you will need to edit the DNS A record.

  • Login to the Domain Control Panel if your domain name is parked
  • Login to the Plesk Panel and click “DNS Settings” if your domain is hosted
  • Delete the WWW A record
  • Add a new WWW A record with the IP address
  • Save changes

Allow a few hours for the DNS to fully propagate, this change will connect your domain name directly to Yola.

Note: Yola may charge you for pointing to their DNS. Check with Yola first for any costs associated with pointing your domain name direct to their services.

My domain has expired, can I renew it late?

Re: Forgot to renew domain name, domain past expiry date

Your domain names can be renewed up to 30 days after expiry. After this time, much depends on your domain name type.

For .UK domain names, you can often renew up to 90 days before the domain expires.

For non .UK domain names, the limit is 30 days before the registry take control and potentially auction it off to the highest bidder.

Always renew in good time to avoid accidental loss of your domain name.

How do I transfer my domain name away?

Re: Transferring away your domain name, transferring out domains

The transfer process differs according to whether the domain name is a .UK domain name or other TLD such as .com, .net or .org etc.

Transferring Out UK Domain Names

To transfer out a .UK domain name you need to know the IPSTAG of your destination domain name registrar. Then, login to the Domain Control Panel and change your ISPTAG. This completes the transfer out of your .UK domain name.

Transferring Out non-UK Domain Names

To transfer out a non-UK domain name you need login to your Domain Control Panel and “unlock” your domain name. An EPP code will be sent to your email address. You then initiate the transfer-in to your new Domain Provider directly with them which will initiate an authorisation email, paste your EPP code into this email to complete the transfer. This can take up to 7 days.

I’ve got my EPP code, now what do I do?

Re: What do I do with my EPP code?

If you are transferring your domain name away from UK Cheapest to another provider, simply provide this EPP code to your new domain registrar for them to complete the transfer process.

How long does it take the transfer-away to complete?

The EPP code is usually received within 24 hours however the complete transfer can take up to 7 days depending on your destination domain provider.

How do I get an EPP code to transfer away my domain?

Re: How to find your EPP code, How to get an EPP Code

The EPP code is a code which is required in order to transfer your non .UK domain name to another  domain registrar.

EPP codes are not relevant to .UK domain names. To transfer a .UK domain name you need to change your IPSTAG.

To get your EPP code you need to login to your Domain Control Panel and “Unlock” your domain name. You will automatically receive an email to the address provided during the unlock request containing your EPP code.