How long does it take for my domain name to register?

Once you have submitted your domain registration order and successfully paid, your domain registration request is immediately submitted to the appropriate registry. The domain should be showing as registered to you within a few short minutes. A common reason for rejection is “invalid postcode” or even a completely dreamed up address!

To verify that your registration was successful, go to our WHOIS lookup page and type in your domain name eg. If the result is “no match” or “not found” and you have paid for your domain name then you must contact the Helpdesk immediately as it is possible that you registration request has been rejected OR your PayPal payment has not been correctly matched to your order.

Once the WHOIS confirms your domain name is correctly registered, it will now take up to 72 hours for your DNS to propagate the global internet. So, your domain name will begin to function some time after registration.

.UK domain names are usually fully functioning within 24 hours. .COM domain names can take longer to fully propagate.

How much does it cost to transfer a domain name to UK-Cheapest?

When transferring a UK domain name to UK-Cheapest we do not charge anything, simply ask your existing domain name provider to “Change your IPSTAG to MICROLITE”. There is no cost for this transfer although your domain name provider may make a small admin charge.

If you wish to transfer a .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domain name to us then there is a transfer charge of £4.99+VAT made by the registry. All is not lost because this also adds a further year to your existing registration period.

Please follow the link below to transfer-in a domain name and to view instructions on to how to transfer your domain name to UK-Cheapest:

Transfer a domain name

How to Manage your Domain Name

All aspects of your domain name can be managed using your Domain Name Control panel.

Login to your Domain Control Panel to build your homepage, manage your email aliases, setup web forwarding, modify your nameserver settings, configure custom DNS records, change your IPSTAG to another provider or submit custom meta tags for the search engines.

Access the domain control panel by clicking on the following link:

Login: Domain Name Control Panel

Features such as web redirection, email forwarding, name server changes and IPSTAG changes can all be performed within the control panel.