Do I need to use the FTP Remote Folder details?

If you have a hosting account with UK-Cheapest then your FTP upload details will include a remote folder path (or directory) which needs to be inserted into your FTP program. This remote folder is,


This must be used in order for you to connect to the correct location in your webspace.

Files received into the wrong location by the server will be automatically dumped.

If you are using FrontPage to upload to your webspace then you must use FTP and so you will still need the remote folder path for FTP FrontPage uploads.

How to manage meta tags using FrontPage

Adding and maintaining your META TAGS with FrontPage is easy! Follow the simple steps below to ensure your web site is fully optimised.

Step 1) Right Click on your home page and choose “PAGE PROPERTIES” from the Popup Menu.

Step 2) Click on the TAB that says CUSTOM

Step 3) Under the UserVariables section click ADD.

For the name type “keywords” and for the value, enter keywords applicable to your page.
To keep your page search engine friendly type 15-25 significant keywords that describe your site.

Step 4) Under the UserVariables section click ADD again.
For the name type “description” and for the value, enter a description applicable to your page.
To keep your page search engine friendly, the recommended maximum of characters for you keywords tag is 200 characters.

Step 5) When finished you will see the two new custom META tags showing (as below)

Step 6) Save your page and publish your web site to the server.

How do I publish my website using FrontPage?

FrontPage is now a deprecated application, you are unlikely to find modern services offering full FrontPage HTTP support. However, you can use FrontPage on any server when uploading using FrontPage FTP.

To upload your site using FrontPage FTP:

1) Open FrontPage
2) Click on File -> Publish Site
3) Click on “Remote Website Properties”
4) Select the “FTP” option
5) Set the FTP address to
6) Enter /httpdocs as the remote folder
7) Your username, password and FTP address will have been provided in your hosting login settings email