My personal details are showing on my domain name, can I remove them?

Your personal details such as home address, telephone number can be hidden from .uk domains by using the Nominet WHOIS opt out. This is available to all individuals who register a domain name as long as it is not business use.

Your personal details cannot be hidden from any other extension such as .com, .net, .org.

If you have a .uk domain name and wich to activate the WHOIS opt out facility simply login to your Domain Control Panel and update the WHOIS opt-out status to Enabled.

What are the restrictions on cancelling my hosting account?

Your hosting account can be cancelled at any time however the 30 day money back guarantee is only valid for the first 30 days. After that period, you would not be refunded your hosting fee if you decided to change hosting provider.

If you purchased a domain name from us with the hosting package the domain part of your order is not refundable, this is due to the fact that domains cannot be unregistered.

For more information see this page:

If you have any questions concerning refunds or order cancellations simply contact the HelpDesk.

I don’t have a credit card – can I pay by cheque/bacs?

You will be offered the option to pay for services by Cheque, Postal Order, Bacs, Paypal, at the end of the order process, via a link at the top of the complete order page.
Please note that services will not be provided until payment has been received for these orders.

Do I have to pay VAT even though in my country we don’t pay?

Value added Tax (VAT) at the current rate is added to all UK-Cheapest invoices. This applies to both EU countries and non-EU countries.

This is a ruling by HM Customs and Excise because the service is supplied in the UK and not the country of the ISP or registrant.

You may be able to reclaim VAT in your own country. Please see the HM Customs & Excise website for details.