How do I upgrade to multi domain hosting?

If you currently have a hosting plan which was setup before the Multi-domain feature was offered contact the Helpdesk for a free upgrade.

The “Add Domain” and “Resource Management” features will be added to your account within 24 hours thus enabling Multi-domain features..

It is not possible to merge existing separate hosting accounts into a Multi-domain hosting plan. However, at the time your accounts are up for renewal, if you find they are not using many resources you could allow your package to expire and add then add domain to your Multi-domain account.

If your hosting plan is currently on our Ensim server range, then you might want to consider upgrading to our Plesk server range – the upgrade is free, see Upgrading to Plesk from Ensim FAQ entry.

How do I add another domain to my multi-domain hosting?

Your hosting account is originally set up with your primary domain name (as selected during the order process) allocated all resources.

If your hosting account supports multi-domain hosting, you can add additional hosted domains to your hosting account and simply share the resources of your primary domain thus hosting sevaral websites under one account.

Adding a domain to your hosting account does not register it, you still have to register the domain name using the normal process at the Domain Registration area.

If your hosting plan was purchased before March 2010, you may need to upgrade to Multi-domain hosting.

To host a new domain name using multi-domain hosting do the following:

    1. Log in to your Plesk Hosting Control Panel
    2. Click on “Domains”
    3. Click on “Create Domain”.
    4. Put a tick in “WWW” so that is supported.
    5. Enter the domain name you wish to add.
    6. Select “Web Site Hosting” if you wish to host this domain as a separate web site.
    7. Enter a desired FTP username and password for this domain account.
    8. Hit “Next >>” to cotinue advanced set up of your domaine name.
    9. Under PHP support select “Run as FastCGI” and switch off “safe_mode”
    10. Under FastCGI Support ensure this box is ticked.
    11. Enable Web Statistics if required.
    12. Ensure that “Expiration date” is set to “Never Expires”

Finally you MUST change this new domain name servers (From the Domain Control Panel) to the same as your primary domain name. If you do not do this, your domain will not connect to your Hosting service. After changing the nameservers allow 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any problems simply contact the Helpdesk for further assistance,