Domain Mailboxes – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer mailboxes with our parked domain services. The mailboxes supplied with parked domain names operate slightly differently to hosting mailboxes, this FAQ should help in answering some of the common questions regarding parked domains.

How should my name servers be set?

For parked domain mailboxes you domain name servers need to be set to point to the parking server (MICROLITE1). The name servers should be set to:


If your name servers are not set to the parking name servers then your domain name will not be connected to your domain mailbox service and no email will be received to your mailbox. Any name server changes are subject to the usual global DNS propagation delay of up to 72 hours.

How do I access my domain mailbox?

You can access your domain mailbox be using the login details in your welcome email. We currently offer Squirrelmail as the webmail client for domain mailboxes which you can access using the following URL:

You can also add your domain mailbox POP user details to your email client (such as Outlook) by using the incoming mail server name “”. The outgoing mail server name must be that as provided by your ISP.

How do I send emails from my domain mailbox?

You can send email from your domain mailbox by logging in to your webmail client (currently based on Squirrelmail) at the URL below:

It is not possible to send email using your local email client at this time unless your ISP allows you to send outgoing mail direct from your PC.

Can I send email through my PC mail client eg Outlook?

It is not possible to send email using your email client at this time. Emails can only be sent by using the webmail client accessable here:

Can I receive email through my PC email client eg Outlook?

Yes, simply use your mailbox name (eg mbname-domain-co-uk) as  your POP username and as your incoming POP mail server name. This will enable you to download your emails to your local email client.

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