Emails not forwarding to Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo

emailEmail Forwarding Problems

If you are using the free SMTP service provided with your UKC hosting account then sometimes there may be problems with deliverability to the free email providers.

As this is a shared service, performance may be limited by the actions of other users. For example, rogue users could cause a build-up of backlogged mail, and can even cause the server to become temporarily blacklisted.

There is also the possibility that some users may be using the system to spend spam and other malicious email. In this case, other email systems may see this spam and blacklist the server.

This could cause your emails to be delayed or, in the worst case, bounced back.

Ensure your Email / Domain is in your Recipient Safe Senders list

All of the large providers offer a “safe senders” list. You should ensure you ask your clients that use free email addresses as the contact details to ensure your domain is added to their “safe senders” list to ensure deliverability.

See: How we ask our clients to add us to their safe senders list

Use your ISP SMTP Server for maximum deliverability

For best SMTP performance we recommend that you use your ISP SMTP server.

See: Which SMTP server should I use to send email?

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