iOS6 is here. Is it worth it?

Apple iOS 6 Upgrade available today, is it worth the trouble?

We’ve already upgraded our iPads, iPods, iPhones, well, all of our iDevices and in short, what device gets what?

After 5 minutes the following new features caught our eye…the upgrade is well worth the wait. It is packed with over 200 upgrades (you can read all about them in your ‘more details’ link in your iDevice) however not all features are available on all devices. If you have an iPhone 5 (lucky lucky you!) or an iPhone 4s then you get every new feature.

Siri – Until now, Siri was only available on the iPhone 4S. Well with iOS 6 you now have Siri on the New iPad. Siri is also much improved and can post directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. With greater language support Siri has taken a big step in the right direction.

Maps – A huge change and a move away from Google Maps. Apple now use their own Maps app which come with cool new features such as 3D maps, turn by turn navigation, real time traffic information and more.

Facebook Integration – all devices get this upgrade. You can now share photos directly from the camera app or post your current location directly from Maps. Your Facebook events are also automatically synced with your Calendar app.

FaceTime over cellular – for iPhone 4S and the New Ipad only. Use up all your mobile data allowance fast with this cool new feature! More useful for devices with 4G support.

Panorama Photos – A new feature for the iPhone 4S provides the ability to take Panoramic pictures, no longer requiring a third part app. Sadly, this feature is not available on any iPad devices.

If you have an iPhone 4 then there has never been a better time (or bigger requirement) to upgrade to the 4S. Features that the iPhone 4 will not receive with iOS 6 include Facetime over cellular, Flyover, Panorama, Turn by turn navigation and Siri.

If you have an iPad 2 you will not receive Facetime over cellular, Panorama (not on the New iPad either) or Siri.

Well there’s hundreds of new features and fixes, we are excited about the upgrade. So what are you waiting for, start downloading your iOS6 now and get some exciting new features! So, is it worth it…? YES! YES! YES!

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