I’ve uploaded my site to the server but it is not showing

Re: Site not showing on server? Site uploaded but not showing? Can’t get site to show? Cannot  view site? Your site appears to be invisible?

Once you have built your web pages you proceed to setting up your FTP application (we recommend FileZilla) and uploading your files to the server. However, if you find they are not showing when visiting your site URL there are some things to check:

  • Did you upload the the correct directory on the web server? Your FTP upload folder (sometimes called remote folder or document root) should have been set to /httpdocs in your FTP application.
  • Is your domain name actually pointing to your Web Hosting server? This can be an issue at times when your domain name was registered and initially parked and later you added a hosting plan.
  • To test whether your domain name is still parked, take a look at the WHOIS record for your domain name. If the domain nameservers show as ns.microlite1.com and ns2.microlite1.com then your domain name is still parked. You need to login to the Domain Control Panel and change your nameservers to those as advised in your hosting welcome email. See How to change your Domain Nameservers.
  • If your upload directory is correct and your name servers are correct, then you need to ensure that your document root contains no other index.htm, index.html or index.php apart from the one you uploaded.

Once your domain name servers are correct, your upload directory is correct, there are no other index files and you have allowed sufficient time for the DNS to fully propagate, your site will show with any problems. If not, please contact the Helpdesk or Live support for further assistance.

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