Problems forwarding to Gmail / AOL / Other email address

Re: Forwarded emails not arriving, no bounce message

Many free email services such as Gmail, AOL, Hotmail (and ISPs) are constantly tightening up their spam systems and are being increasingly particular about which emails they allow in to their system.

If you find that forwarding email to one of these addresses is simply ‘disappearing’, ie. no bounce message then you can be safe in assuming that your email alias (address) is temporarily blocked from the target mail system.

Why does this happen?

Let’s assume you are doing all the right things. ie Your SPF record is correctly set, your MX records are correct.

When forwarding emails from your parked domain name, you are also forwarding SPAM to your destination email address. If you send enough SPAM messages then you will block your own alias. Often the block is only in place for a limited time, for example 24 hours. Then it will start working again and once you have forwarded enough SPAM the block is re-applied. Does this sound like the problem you are experiencing?

What can you do?

  • If you are receiving SPAM to your forwarding alias then try a new alias. This will be a suitable solution until you again start receiving SPAM to this new alias.
  • Try to keep your alias names as unexposed as possible to reduce the SPAM sent to them.
  • Create a Mailbox for your alias. The Mailbox will receive 100% of emails sent to it.
  • Do not use forwarding aliases for important or mission critical applications, use a Mailbox.
If you require any  further assistance or advice do not hesitate to contact support.
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