How do I create an email alias?

Once you have created a mailbox in Plesk e.g., you can create email aliases in Plesk for the mailbox e.g. so that any mail sent to one of the email aliases will be delivered to the mailbox.

Please follow the link below for a tutorial:
How to create an email alias in Plesk

For further support and assistance on setting up your email review the following tutorials:

How to create an email redirect in Plesk

How to create a POP email account (mailbox) in Plesk

Setup your email using Microsoft Outlook Express (mail client)

How to setup a POP account in Microsoft Outlook

If you have any problems with setting up your email services please let us know.

How do I log into my hosting control panel?

To login to your Hosting Control Panel you will need your clientXXXXX username and password from your Hosting Settings email that was sent to you when your order was completed.

Once you have those details, you will need to click on the the control panel URL (listed above your clientXXXXXX username and password on your hosting settings email) and enter your client username and password.

You can receive a replacement copy of your hosting access settings via email using the link below:

Forgotten Password

If you experience any problems logging in, please log a support ticket.