UKC back office secrets revealed!

As a (very cheap and excellent value) Domain Name, Web Hosting and Web Design service provider, we do not always get the opportunity to communicate the goings on within the UKC back office team.

The team no doubt consists of all sorts of interesting characters and skills.. Not limited to but including the likes of.. Programmers, Marketers, Technical Support, Managers, Tea Makers… etc.

We feel the chatter taking place in the back office may be of interest to someone, whether it be about technicalities of our services,  how to get to #1 in Google or the latest pirate attack in the English Channel.

So here it is, for you to see what is going on inside the minds of the UKC back office team, their families, friends, pets. Oh, and there friends pets also. Watch this space. Honestly, you’ll be glad.