How to upload your website using DreamWeaver

Setting up a Site in Dreamweaver

The first step and probably the most time consuming part is to set up a site in Dreamweaver. If you have done this already, and your FTP settings are correct, then proceed to the next section, otherwise, continue reading on.

  1. In the Dreamweaver main (design) screen, press F8 and you will see in the right-hand pane, the Files section will open up.
  2. In the Files section, you will see a set of menus, click on the “Site” menu. In there you need to click “New Site…”.
  3. Enter in a name for your site. Make it something meaningful so you can easily identify it from other sites you may be working on.
  4. Next you need to find your site’s root folder. To do this click on the folder icon and browse to where it is located on your computer.
  5. Now you need to type in the full URL of your website in the HTTP Address box. This is so Dreamweaver can check your links.
  6. Once you have done that, click on “Remote Info”. This can be found in the list on the left.

  1. This is where you set up your FTP settings. At the moment you will see a single menu, click it, and choose “FTP”. A few new boxes will appear.
  2. In the FTP host box, type your domain name.
  3. In the Host Directory box, type /var/www/html/.
  4. In the Login and Password boxes, enter your FTP username and password.
  5. Select the Use Firewall option if you are connecting to the remote server from behind a firewall.
  6. If your firewall configuration requires use of passive FTP (which lets your local software set up the FTP connection rather than requesting the remote server to set it up), select Use Passive FTP and this will make your connection more stable.
  7. When you are sure all the settings are correct, click “Ok”.
  8. Click “Ok” and then click “Done”. You are now ready to upload your site.

Now that you have set Dreamweaver up correctly, you can finally start uploading your site to the web!