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10 Reasons Why People Choose UK Cheapest

With so many domain registrars to choose from it is difficult to determine which deals are the best. If you have done your homework you will have already discovered that the initial registration cost is not the only cost you need to consider. We make calculating hidden fees easy – by not having any!

  • NO Transfer Out Fees – Our Transfer Away fees are £0.00, that’s right, we do not hold you to ransom if you register your domain with us.
  • NO WHOIS Record Fees – It is important to keep your WHOIS details up to date. We do not charge for any changes to your WHOIS record.
  • NO IPSTAG Change Fees – No fee to transfer your UK domain or for IPSTAG changes. Many registrars make this fee so high that you are stuck with them.
  • NO Registrar Lock Fees – It is important to lock your non-UK domain but we don’t extort you for it. We give you FREE control over your Domain Locking.
  • NO Transfer Code Fees – Registrars often quote free transfer outs and then charge you for the AUTH code! Get your auth code from us at ANY time for FREE.
  • NO Parked Domain Ads – To many registrars place ads on your parked domains. WE do not place ANY advertisements on YOUR parked domain names.
  • NO Web Forwarding Fees – Forward your domain to any location and change this setting whenever your wish. For free. No charges. Ever.
  • NO Name Server Change Fees – Change your name servers as you wish. You can change your name servers as often as you want at absolutely no cost. Ever.
  • NO DNS Management Fees – This is often an additional fee based service to your domain registration. With us, you have FULL control over your domain DNS Management at all times.
  • No Email Forwarding Fees – Create an unlimited number of email forwarders (or aliases) for every single one of your domain names. Absolutely no charge. Ever.

Avoid nasty surprises. BEFORE you use another provider, find out their hidden fees.


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