Who is eligible to purchase a .co.uk domain?

  1. UK Residents and Businesses: .co.uk domains were originally intended for entities located in the United Kingdom, including individuals, businesses, organisations, and government bodies. UK residents and businesses have the primary eligibility for .co.uk domains.
  2. Global Eligibility: Over the years, eligibility for .co.uk domains has expanded, and they are now open for registration by individuals and entities worldwide. This means that even if you are not physically located in the UK, you can register a .co.uk domain.
  3. No Specific Restrictions: Unlike some country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs), .co.uk domains do not have stringent eligibility requirements, such as requiring a physical presence or legal entity in the UK. This makes them accessible to a broad range of registrants.
  4. Business Purposes: .co.uk domains are commonly used by businesses targeting the UK market or looking to establish a UK online presence. They are also popular among UK-based businesses.
  5. Personal and Non-Profit Use: Individuals and non-profit organisations can also register .co.uk domains for personal websites, blogs, or community projects.
  6. Trademark Holders: Trademark holders may use .co.uk domains to protect their brand online or create specific websites related to their trademarks.
  7. Open for All: In summary, .co.uk domains are open for registration by virtually anyone, regardless of their location, nationality, or business status. The absence of strict eligibility criteria makes them highly accessible for a wide range of purposes.

It’s important to note that while the eligibility criteria for .co.uk domains are broad, it’s essential to comply with the domain registrar’s terms of service and UK domain registration policies when registering and using .co.uk domains.

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