Who is responsible for backup of my data?

Re: Should I backup my data?

As a hosting service provider we naturally perform regular system backups of our servers in order to protect your data against catastrophic hardware or software failure on our servers.

Whilst these backups are required for our peace of mind, they do not replace your own backups. Our system backups are intended for catastrophic server failures only.

Reasons you should make your own backup:

  • Protect yourself from disgruntled employees
  • So that you can restore in the event your gets hacked
  • So you can restore in the event that you forget to renew your hosting account
  • To protect yourself from site editing errors
  • To protect yourself from malfunctioning CMS upgrades
  • Protect you from changes you make to your site
  • If your data is important, back it up

If the server crashes it’s our problem and we will do our best to use our in-house data and disaster recovery processes minimise and/or eliminate data loss.

If you lose data for any other reason other than server failure you will need your own backups in order to restore your data.

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