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It's exactly 10 years since I first started using UK-Cheapest as my hosting provider and I've never looked back. This was after I'd had bad experiences with other providers. I have found UK-Cheapest to be efficient, very affordable, and provide excellent customer service, even with challenging problems requiring complex bespoke solutions...they've always found a way. UK-Cheapest now host my professional business page for a technical training consultancy, my two author platforms and a hobbyist news portal. I've recommended them to several friends and colleagues. What I've liked: - prompt, friendly and efficient support - I cannot remember the last time my sites were down - easy billing - I can use PayPal - easy use admin interface - the hosting simply just works! What I don't like: - really cannot think of a downside. Especially when I compare them with others I've used before. I keep coming back.  Well done chaps, and keep it up!

Flawless, Affordable and Friendly Registrations

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