I am having trouble uploading Images to my Site Builder

If you are having trouble uploading images to your Site Builder account, please ensure that the image you are uploading does not contain any spaces in its name and is in lowercase lettering, for example,

Bad image name.Jpg


Also the problem could be that your images are too large and have not been resized.

Nowadays, many people upload photos from their digital cameras. As these photos get larger in size, they also become heavier and heavier in file size. Some of these images can even be many megabytes in size.

Many new webmasters are not aware that these large images take quite a long time to download when they are placed on a website. It is a common mistake to simply upload these large files and then use your local web design tool to re-size an image to size it. Even though the image displays smaller, it does not change the file size of the source image.

Here is an example:

Link 1 (Loading Slow) – This is what it looks like when a large image is resized with HTML.

Link 2 (Loading Properly) – And this is what it looks like when the image is resized before being uploaded.

To fix this, you will need to resize your images in a graphics editor (ie. Photoshop Elements, MS Paint, Gimp) before you upload the image.

Here are some links to popular image editing software:

Download 1 – PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily create web and e-mail friendly versions of your images with reduced file sizes

Download 2 – GIMP is a free image manipulation tool that is little tougher to use, but has almost the same feature set as Photoshop

Is the Site Builder charge a one-off cost?

The Site Builder purchase is a annual fee, of course you are not forced to renew the service if you do not wish to do so. We will send out your renewal email prior to expiry of your services.

Your service will not auto-renew upon its due date, if you do not wish to renew, simply select the cancel option within the renewal email to stop further renewal reminders.

You will not lose time by renewing early, and so you may also select the renew now option to renew via a different card.

If you later choose to renew your account after it has expired, then the renewal will start from the date that renewal was actually due, not the date of renewal.

It is advised to renew your services prior to the day that your service expires, otherwise if for some reason you do not renew on that day then your service will be deleted the next day!

If you later decide that you wish to purchase the Site Builder again, then there is no way to import your current site back into the Site Builder.

Please ensure you always keep your email address up to date with us, otherwise you will not receive renewal reminders.

If I purchase a Site Builder do I also need Hosting?

If you purchase a Site Builder account, then you will also need webspace as this is where the site that you create will reside.

Often only Budget Hosting is required when you have a Site Builder account.

What is my Site Builder username?

If you have a Site Builder account with UK-Cheapest then your username will be of the following format,


Replace ***** with your account/order number (not your invoice number)

I am unable to login to Sitebuilder

Re: Cannot login to Site Builder, Sitebuiler login doesn’t work, No access to Sitebuilder

First, if you have just ordered your Site Builder account please allow up to 24 hours for your Site Builder account details to arrive. They will arrive AFTER your domain name registration and hosting settings email.

Be sure that you are using the correct login details. Your sitebuilder username should begin with sb, for example: sb123456. If you may have misplaced your password, try submitting a Forgotten Password Request.

To be able to access the Site Builder, your computer needs to be connected to the Internet. There are no other special requirements as far as the Hardware aspect is concerned.

IMPORTANT – Browser & Firewall Settings:

  1. 1. Internet Zone Security settings: Should be set to Medium or lower
  2. 2. Internet Privacy settings: Should be set to Medium-high or lower
  3. 3. Enable Cookies

Try the following with Internet Explorer:

  1. In Internet Explorer got to Tools / Internet Options / Security click “Trusted Sites”. Take the tick out of “Require server verification https://” box at the bottom then hit the “Sites” button. Add “sitebuilder.uk-cheapest.co.uk” to the list.
  2. In Internet Explorer got to Tools / Internet Options / Privacy and set the level to “Low”
  3. In Internet Explorer got to Tools / Internet Options / Privacy and click “Edit” at the bottom right. Type “sitebuilder.uk-cheapest.co.uk” and click “allow”. This should allow cookies for the Site Builder.

If you are still unable to access the Website Builder, then we recommend that you try again after you disable your Firewall settings.

Common problems caused by misconfigured security/firewall software:

  • Cannot log in to Site Builder
  • Cannot preview my site
  • My site does not preview properly
  • Cannot upload images properly
  • Some Site Builder functions don’t work

Applications such as Norton Security / McAfee firewall are particularly problematic if not setup properly.