Google Has Started Giving A Ranking Boost To HTTPS/SSL Sites

It’s official. Every site needs SSL. If you do not have SSL, it’s time to get it.

GoogleSSLAdding HTTPS to your website using a 2048 bit SSL certificate will cause Google to give your site a “ranking boost” against your non-SSL counterparts.

To be exact, Google said it carries “less weight than other signals such as high-quality content.” Based on their tests, Google says it has an impact on “fewer than 1% of global queries” but said they “may decide to strengthen” the signal because they want to “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.”. This was announced by Google last year and there are signs that this signal is strengthening.

We all know how important security is. Prior to Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere” drive, there were more generic reasons why you would need to install SSL.

  • eCommerce web sites definitely needed SSL. Your customers will no doubt enter personal information (such as name, address, email) to sign up to your service. Even if you do not accept payments on your site and use an external payment provider, it is still essential that you protect your customers personal data and passwords.
  • Sites with a login form that require a username and password. Any site that requires a visitor to login – such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or a community Forum. Why? Because generally people use the same password across many sites (I know, it’s bad, but they do) and you have to protect their details from being leaked. As time progresses, people will simply avoid sites that do not use SSL/HTTPS.
  • Sites with forms where visitors would type personal information. If you have a contact form where visitors will type their name, address, telephone and email then an SSL with protect their data. You are more likely to get leads if you use SSL.

We Make Requisition and Installation of SSL Easy

You quite likely do not have the time or inclination to work out what you need to do to acquire, install and activate SSL on your website. That’s where we come in. All you need to do is order the certificate.

We will generate the CSR, acquire the SSL certificate and Install/Activate it. You do not need to do anything. It’s time to boost your site ranking and protect your visitors.


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2 thoughts on “Google Has Started Giving A Ranking Boost To HTTPS/SSL Sites”

  1. As an existing uk-cheapest customer I look forward to implementing this to add 1 more feather to my bow, especially since you say you will do all the work for me. Win win!

  2. Hi David,

    That is correct, we’ll do all the work required to get your certificate installed and working. We will also advise if you need to make any changes to your site in order to keep all of your onsite communications secure.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the helpdesk.

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