How do I view visitor statistics on my hosting account?

Re: How to enable visitors stats collection in Plesk hosting

Your Plesk Hosting account now comes with 2 options for viewing detailed visitor and traffic statistics concerning your website.

1) AWStats – Get advanced graphical web, ftp or mail statistics
2) Webalizer – statistics for user agents (browsers) and referrers

Visitor statistics collection is not enabled by default. You need to enable this feature as follows:

Simply login to your Plesk Control Panel, select your domain name and click “Web Hosting Settings”, scroll down and select which statistics package you wish to use for this domain.

To be able to view your statistics directly from your domain name (eg. ensure you have a tick in the box that says “(accessible via password protected directory ‘/plesk-stat/webstat/’ )”, this will allow external direct URL access via your FTP password.

Once enabled, your visitor stats will be compiled everyday at 0400 so do not expect to see anything straight away. Simply check the next day and your visitor stats and charts will be available.

For professional high level statistics and analysis we highly recommend using Google Analytics in your website code, you can set up a free account here:

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