Newsletter: Autumn 2015

Dear Clients,

We know you are busy, so we will keep this report brief !

We are excited to update you regarding the ongoing improvements we are making to all web hosting services during the latter half of 2015.

Hardware Upgrades

The technology behind server and network hardware is constantly changing. The latest and greatest server hardware available today is outdated within 3 years. In order to provide the highest performance for your services it is necessary for us to upgrade hardware on a cycle that is much shorter so that we never reach the “outdated” stage.

Your server hardware has been upgraded to the very best model available. If you usually monitor your website performance then you will already be aware of the performance increase!

Hosting Panel Upgrades

The Plesk Panel is the primary user interface enabling management of your hosting services and resources.

Your panel has been upgraded to Plesk 12 bringing you all the latest features of this great panel at no additional cost.

  • Protection from Outgoing Spam and Other Mail Improvements
  • Enhanced Site and Server Security
  • WordPress Security and Management Toolkit
  • Enhanced Usability and Convenience

Upgrades to the Panel are applied weekly. Since the launch of Plesk there have already been 68 updates! We apply these overnight as and when they are released.

Web Server and Site Security

All web servers are under constant attack and so security is of paramount importance.

We use the very latest firewall and application level protection to shield our servers and your web sites from external threats; with more than 10 years experience behind us, we have naturally developed our own in-house enhancements that go above and beyond what you would normally expect.

You do not need to worry about security, we will continue to improve and manage this area with absolute focus.

As always, the weakest link in your site security is your own site. It is imperative that you keep your own applications up to date and well patched. Our security measures protect you on a server level, but weakness in your own security is the highest risk to your site. If in doubt, contact us at any time.

And finally…

You may have also noticed that we have been rolling out a new web site:

You have been telling us for some time that the word “cheapest” in our brand is no longer fashionable (and potentially detrimental) and for this reason, you will soon find the site brand migrating to UKC – let us know what you think! is coming soon!

So we have listened to you – our valued customers!

As promised, we wanted to keep this brief. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Helpdesk or on Live Chat.

With kind regards,

Colin, Tel and the UKC Team

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