I no longer need my domain name, can I have a refund?

It is not possible to offer refunds on domain names, the registry currently does not allow domain names to be cancelled once registered.

Therefore your domain name is yours for as long as you registered or renewed it for.

For more information see this page:


If you have any questions concerning refunds or order cancellations simply contact the HelpDesk.

My personal details are showing on my domain name, can I remove them?

Your personal details such as home address, telephone number can be hidden from .uk domains by using the Nominet WHOIS opt out. This is available to all individuals who register a domain name as long as it is not business use.

Your personal details cannot be hidden from any other extension such as .com, .net, .org.

If you have a .uk domain name and wich to activate the WHOIS opt out facility simply login to your Domain Control Panel and update the WHOIS opt-out status to Enabled.

How do I transfer my .uk domain name to UKC?

If your domain name is registered with another domain name provider and you want to transfer your domain name to uk-cheapest.co.uk then simply ask your domain name provider to “Change your IPSTAG to MICROLITE”.

Once your provider acts upon your request the domain name is instantly transferred.

Visit the Name Transfer page to begin the domain transfer process.

How long does it take for my domain name to register?

Once you have submitted your domain registration order and successfully paid, your domain registration request is immediately submitted to the appropriate registry. The domain should be showing as registered to you within a few short minutes. A common reason for rejection is “invalid postcode” or even a completely dreamed up address!

To verify that your registration was successful, go to our WHOIS lookup page and type in your domain name eg. yourdomain.co.uk. If the result is “no match” or “not found” and you have paid for your domain name then you must contact the Helpdesk immediately as it is possible that you registration request has been rejected OR your PayPal payment has not been correctly matched to your order.

Once the WHOIS confirms your domain name is correctly registered, it will now take up to 72 hours for your DNS to propagate the global internet. So, your domain name will begin to function some time after registration.

.UK domain names are usually fully functioning within 24 hours. .COM domain names can take longer to fully propagate.