How do I backup and restore my files?

UK-Cheapest Web Hosting regularly makes backup copies of information stored on its servers for disaster recovery purposes.

Nevertheless, availability of backups is not guaranteed and we will not be responsible for loss of customer data.

Customers are advised to make regular backups of the information they store on our servers. The Plesk control panel provides tools that facilitate full data backup and restoration.

It is important to make regular backups of your web site hosting account from using the Backup Manager in Plesk. It is also possible to backup your database separately by using the Webadmin tool under the Databases section of your Plesk control panel.

If you have any problems with backing up / restoring your site in Plesk, please submit a ticket to our HelpDesk.

How does the site builder work?

The Site Builder is a fully online web site building application that can be used to build your website.

Websites built will look professional and no technical knowledge is required to use the application.

The best way to review the Site Builder is to try it out. Click on the following link and then select “Test Drive”:

Test Drive: Site Builder Application