Top 5 Tips since Google Panda Update

The Google Panda update is well and truly rolled out to UK sites.

Some sites lost a high percentage of their traffic, others were unaffected. To minimise your site exposure to the new rules, consider the following 5 very important tips:

  1. Unique content is more important than ever
  2. Links from low quality directories and blogs are worth less
  3. Quality relevant backlinks are worth more
  4. Quality relevant links from authority sites are worth more
  5. Remove duplicate (and spun) content or risk being de-indexed.

Keep your site within the new rules and your traffic will return and if you were unaffected, significant gains could be realised.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips since Google Panda Update”

  1. I agree that these 5 tips are the basic tips to get the blog a good rating with Google. But Google seems to be coming up with new and new ways against webmasters. No idea what they will come up with next.

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