Why do I need SSL on my Website?

Aside from the advantage you will receive on your Google rankings, you also have a responsibility to protect your visitors. Any information they exchange with your site will travel through the internet in plain text unless you use SSL to encrypt it.

How do I protect my visitors?

There are many ways to secure your site and protect your site visitors from having sensitive information leaked. One of the most effective methods is to install a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. This will encrypt all data from end to end.

Why should I use UKC for my Web Security?

At UKC we ONLY provide Grade A level Web Hosting + SSL implementation.

Installing SSL can be quite a complex affair for the non-technical. We at UKC make the process simple by doing everything you need – from requisition to installation. We will help you apply redirects or to reconfigure your CMS to make best use of your new security.

How do I test my Web Hosting SSL Grade?

We recommend you use the online test provided by Qualys SSL Labs. It takes two minutes, you do not need to provide any details other than your website address and you will immediately receive a grading for your site. Less than Grade A is not acceptable.

How do I get a Grade A?

Using SSL on your site is only part of the story. Having it implemented properly is where we come in. We provide a combination of secure web hosting configuration together with industry recognised SSL certificate installation. We do it all for you.

Order your Grade A level security from UKC today.


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