WordPress Services: Upgrade and Maintenance Services

wordpress-logo-updateWordPress Maintenance Service – Not comfortable upgrading your WordPress site? It is essential to run the latest WordPress. Let us do the work for you.

Why you need to upgrade your WordPress site

  • An outdated version of WordPress leaves your blog at risk of malicious hacker attacks.
  • When WordPress releases a maintenance and security release, it contains file changes and/or removal to fix vulnerabilities and bugs to help protect your site. These WordPress security updates are vital in hardening your WordPress site.
  • Major releases of WordPress contain the latest improvements and features and some security updates and bug fixes.
  • Outdated, obsolete, abandoned, and inactive WordPress plugins and themes pose security risks.

Our WordPress Security Experts will upgrade your WordPress site for you.

What’s included…

  • A working backup of your database and all website files saved to our external storage.
  • Conflict and compatibility check of your WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Manual removal of all obsolete and vulnerable WordPress core files.
  • Update of the latest WordPress core files.
  • Database upgrade to the latest stable WordPress version.
  • Manual update of your outdated WordPress plugins (Note: For premium plugins, we must have access to the latest version).
  • Removal of inactive, obsolete, and vulnerable WordPress plugins.
  • Manual upgrade of your current theme (Note: For premium plugins, we must have access to the latest version).
  • Manual upgrade of both WordPress default themes.
  • Removal of inactive WordPress themes.
  • We test of your updated site, plugins, and theme to ensure it’s functioning properly.

For peace of mind, let our experts do the work for you.


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