How can I delete files that are owned by Apache?

You have full control of all files within your webspace however if you use an application such as WordPress or Joomla to install templates, you will find that the files and directories created are owned by the Apache user.

This is not a problem in itself – until you try to delete the files and directories when clearing up unwanted downloads.

You will need to change the file permissions of the Apache files and directories to that of your FTP user and then proceed to delete them. If you have problems doing this, we can do this for you, contact the Helpdesk and ask for the Apache files and directories to be removed. Do tell us which directories you want us to delete though!

To permanently fix the problem, ask the Helpdesk to set your PHP to run as a FastCGI module (instead of Apache), this will prevent any further Apache ownership issues. This does not delete any existing Apache files. Running PHP as FastCGI has no other effect other than increased performance and better file ownership.

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How do I upload with Serif Products?

If you have used a Serif product to design your website, then it is very likely that you will not be able to upload to your webspace correctly.
Instead follow the guidelines below.
In Serif, select, File > Publish to > File Folder, then choose to save All Files to your preferred destination (we suggest initially a new empty folder).
Next, using FileZilla (downloadable from our Help page), connect to your web server account, and your new folder you created above.
Now, upload all your files from within this folder on your pc, to the root folder on your web server account.
Your web files are now uploaded.
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What is the absolute path to my html directory?

Some applications will want to know your root or document root folder.

For CGI/Perl purposes:


For FTP purposes:


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Do I need to use the FTP Remote Folder details?

If you have a hosting account with UK-Cheapest then your FTP upload details will include a remote folder path (or directory) which needs to be inserted into your FTP program. This remote folder is,


This must be used in order for you to connect to the correct location in your webspace.

Files received into the wrong location by the server will be automatically dumped.

If you are using FrontPage to upload to your webspace then you must use FTP and so you will still need the remote folder path for FTP FrontPage uploads.