Essential PHP Modules included with all Hosting Plans

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 16.44.12Which PHP Modules are included in our Shared Hosting Plans?

It is essential to have the right PHP modules installed in order to get the most out of the most recent web applications such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and many others.

As standard, the following PHP modules are installed for all accounts:

  • php-mbstring
  • php-gd
  • php-5.4
  • php-pdo
  • php-bcmath
  • php-imap
  • php-devel
  • php-cli
  • php-soap
  • php-xml
  • php-mysql
  • php-common
  • php-mcrypt

If you require a module that is not listed here, simply submit a ticket to the helpdesk and we can usually arrange for it to be installed for you – at no additional cost as always.

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How to parse PHP in HTML

To parse PHP code inside a .html file you will need to a create a .htaccess file in your document root directory /httpdocs and insert the following code:

AddHandler php-script .html .htm

How to setup a PHP Cron job or scheduled task in Plesk

Re: Set up a cron job in Plesk, Plesk crontab, Create a PHP cron job in Plesk

Setting up a cron task or scheduled job within Plesk is a piece of cake – once you know how.

First, find your way in to the Plesk Control Panel and hit the “Scheduled Tasks” button, then “Schedule New Task”. The example below will show a working task executing a PHP file named cronjob.php located in /httpdocs (your document root) at 01:00 every morning of every day:

The form looks pretty straight forward however there are some points to note.

  • If you want to run every hour, put an asterisk “*” in the Hour field
  • If you want to run every day, put an asterisk “*” in the Day of Month field
  • If you want to run every month, put an asterisk “*” in the Month field
  • If you want to run everyday, put an asterisk “*” in the Day of Week field

If you have problems, check your asterisks are in the right places and that you cron PHP file is in the right location. Compare the schedule task dialogue boxes carefully and you won’t have any problems.

How do I fix “ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request function” errors in my error_log

Re: [Fri Nov 25 11:30:28 2011] [warn] (103)Software caused connection abort: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request function

The “software caused connection abort” errors can be quite safely ignored.

These messages come up when a user does not wait for a page to complete before either closing their browser window or simply clicking on another link before the page has finished loading or the bot moved to another page.

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phpMyAdmin Export Database Error /domains/databases/phpMyAdmin/export.php

Trying to export a database but getting the error “No web page was found for the web address: “”

Given that error message, you’d be excused for thinking that the file export.php was missing or your pypMyAdmin installation was messed up – but you’d be wrong!

This error is not intuitive, the file export.php is actually there, the problem is this.

  1. Your database is on the large side
  2. Your php memory limit is set too low

To fix, simply increase your memory_limit as follows:

# vi /etc/php.ini

Find the line that says “memory limit = (some)mb”

Change the value to something considerably bigger, usually 512mb will do the trick.

For example:

memory_limit = 128M      ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume

You will now be able to export your mysql database without further ado.