phpMyAdmin Export Database Error /domains/databases/phpMyAdmin/export.php

Trying to export a database but getting the error “No web page was found for the web address: “”

Given that error message, you’d be excused for thinking that the file export.php was missing or your pypMyAdmin installation was messed up – but you’d be wrong!

This error is not intuitive, the file export.php is actually there, the problem is this.

  1. Your database is on the large side
  2. Your php memory limit is set too low

To fix, simply increase your memory_limit as follows:

# vi /etc/php.ini

Find the line that says “memory limit = (some)mb”

Change the value to something considerably bigger, usually 512mb will do the trick.

For example:

memory_limit = 128M      ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume

You will now be able to export your mysql database without further ado.